Patch: ‘Most Fun’ Cities in California, As Ranked in New Report

Patch: ‘Most Fun’ Cities in California, As Ranked in New Report

WalletHub ranks cities “… with the greatest number and variety of fun yet cost-effective options…” of activities.

By Renee Schiavone (Patch Staff)

So, you’re looking for someplace fun to plan your next vacation or move in California, are you? Lucky for you, the Golden State is chock-full of great cities where you can go to have an amazing time.

Obviously, you’re bound to get a different answer from anyone you ask about where the “most fun” places may be located. But, the people over at the personal-finance website WalletHub sought to help ease your trip-planning by providing a data-based look at the fun to be had in California, along with every other state in the nation.

Lo and behold: 2016’s Most Fun Cities in America.

“To help Americans find the cities with the greatest number and variety of cheap, fun activities, WalletHub’s number crunchers compared the 150 largest cities across 51 key metrics, ranging from ‘number of fitness clubs per capita’ to ‘movie costs’ to ‘average open hours of breweries,'” WalletHub says of its new report.

WalletHub also made sure to look at the types of options of activities each city provides.

“In a city with enough variety, you won’t have to compromise with your amigos, your family or even yourself about the next fun activity to do alone or together,” WalletHub says.

It may not be surprising that Las Vegas topped the overall list, followed by Orlando and Miami. Rounding up the top five cities in the United States in the “fun” category are New Orleans and Salt Lake City.

As for California, San Francisco tops the local list — but didn’t show up in the national rankings until No. 15. However, the City by the Bay did land in the top of some subcategories nationally, including “most festivals per capita,” “most fitness centers per capita” and “most dance clubs per capita.”

What’s more, San Francisco has the highest percentage of the population with walkable park access, according to WalletHub. The city also boasts the most performing arts theaters per 100,000 residents,

Here is a breakdown of the California cities included on WalletHub’s ‘Most Fun Cities in America’ report:

# 5 Glendale (Number 60 nationally)

Source: Patch