Onyx Glendale: The Best Coffee Shops in Glendale

Onyx Glendale: The Best Coffee Shops in Glendale

Glendale is a great place to live – so many places to eat, drink and be merry it’s amazing anyone gets any work done! But work is what we do and one of the best ways of getting through a work day is via a damn good coffee – so where are the best coffee shops in Glendale? We thought you’d never ask…

Philz Coffee

Let’s start off with Philz Coffee at 252 S. Brand Blvd in Glendale. The chain has a compelling backstory: Phil Jaber went on a quest 25 years ago to make a really great cup of coffee. He wanted to create a blend that was flavorful, complex, rich, smooth, and low in acidity. His quest took him all over the world and after visiting thousands of coffee shops, Phil created over 30 unique blends. Phil wanted to make sure the coffee making process embodied a personal and social feel, so he designed his own coffee station allowing for every cup to be crafted one cup at a time. By personalizing each cup, Phil had found a way to allow for individuality in every cup of love.

Coffee Bean

Next up is the Glendale Coffee Bean. Who doesn’t love a Coffee Bean? Located at 300A N. Glendale Ave, this Bean is open Mon-Sat from 5:30am-11pm and on Sundays from 6am-11pm. It comes with wifi and outdoor seating and of course delicious drinks like the Nitro Cold Brew. Right now, they’re celebrating the 30th Birthday of the Original Ice Blended with three new flavors; the Cold Brew, the Single Origin Mocha and the Cookies & Cream.


Those aren’t the only two coffee shops in Glendale though! There’s also Urartu at 119 N. Maryland Ave. Urartu provides great blends of coffee, whether you like decaf or regular. Their blends and spices give their coffee a great kick. Mention their website and receive a 10% discount on any order. We love their Urartuccino – it’s a blended Colombian Expresso with vanilla ice-cream and their unique blend of Urartu syrups.

Have a great coffee and if you like any of the coffee stores in Glendale we’ve listed, raise a cup to this blog!

Source: Onyx Glendale